Earth’s Great Rivers II

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Earth’s Great Rivers II
Revealing the extraordinary animals, astonishing landscapes and remarkable people who live alongside the Zambezi, Danube and Yukon.

Ch1. Zambezi
Follow the journey of the mighty Zambezi – Africa’s wildest river. It floods across endless plains, fuelling the migration of 30,000 wildebeest, turning villages into islands accessible only by boat. It plunges over cliffs, creating the largest curtain of water on Earth – Victoria falls.

Ch2. Danube
From crystal-clear waterfalls to baby turtles the size of a thumb nail – explore the magical wonders of the Danube. Branching out across Europe, its tributaries gather water from 19 countries, making it the world’s most international river.

Ch3. Yukon
Cameras focus on the Yukon, a river of wild extremes. Home to grizzlies, moose, and great runs of salmon, the Yukon lies at the heart of a vast Northern wilderness. Bears delay their winter hibernation to fish for a final salmon feast, while the frozen river provides a lifeline for lynx and a race track for intrepid dog sledders.

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